Monday, April 27, 2009

Finding Color in a Parking Garage

Every once in a while you find an example of architectural color that goes beyond the blah beigeness of contemporary design. This time, it’s a Public Art project in Fort Worth, Texas.

The parking garage for the Fort Worth Convention Center, designed by Christopher Janney, is a multilevel, multihued structure that changes colors. The building’s facade is enlivened by five colored glass “fins” that cast colorful shadows by day, allowing the sunlight to “paint” the building surface. The garage also features environmental sounds native to this area. As reporter Michael Price noted, “Not only does ‘Parking in Color’ fulfill a practical requirement of the need for automobile parking at the southern reaches of the Central Business District – it does so, as well, in a way that enlivens the purely functional act of stowing one’s car with a sense of playful adventure.”

See: ‘Parking in Color’ project signals a leap for Public Art

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