Monday, December 01, 2008

Blue is the car color of tomorrow

It’s blue again! It’s the favorite color of people all around the globe and even though we may adore it and wear it, how many people want a "true blue" car?

Automotive paint supplier PPG Industries Inc. issued its annual forecast and predicts that blues (particularly more vibrant, richer, complex blues) will take on a more important role in car styling.

Cars will also see a wider variety of colors - and more complex ones - thanks to advances in paint technology. Since customizable color are now an option with cell phones, kitchen appliances and even washing machines, it’s time for cars to follow suit.

It all depends on the car. I’ll admit to owning an “electric blue” Mini Cooper for three years. It was one of those seductively beautiful colors that people would comment on. Surfers, senior citizens, and Japanese tourists in parking lots, and "thumbs up" from other drivers. Bright blues are ideal for compacts and cute little cars. As for other cars (such as luxury models), not an ocean blue ... perhaps a a deep, dark blue accented by sparkling glass flakes (the color PPG calls "Lights Out") would work.


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